Development would be by a Public Private Partnership April 2022 Presentation by MYHMC Board to Residents

The previous MYHMC Board was replaced in 2022 with seven new members. It is appears from 2022 meetings that whereas the previous Board felt the marina residents were their first responsibility, members of the new board favor development over retaining green space. At the June Meeting, residents expressed their concerns regarding vehicle access, public safety, and financial viability.

Errors in Conceptual Drawings

It was noted at the January 2019, New Orleans City Council Meeting when Council Member Joseph Giarrusso passed a motion to increase the allowable building height to 65′ in 120-acres of West End and Lakeshore Drive that the conceptual drawings were only showing buildings 35′ tall without housing. Some call these drawings “misinformation propaganda.”

Thank you to the 2021 MYHMC Commissioners

We were advised by outgoing members of the previous MYHMC board that they felt residents of the Marina should know what was going on behind the scenes politically. When they were advised they were being replaced on the board, they authorized a $15,000.00 consulting fee to update the residents on the 2021 CEA and other decisions being made at City Hall.

In April 2022, we emailed a list of questions and did not hear back.

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Ms. Hackett, 

Thank you for your presentation. 

I mentioned several other issues at the meeting, here is a list.

Other Challenges to develop the Fritzgerald site.

1. How much parking is currently needed?

How much SYC parking was lost due to the Community Sailing building?

How much parking does the Community Sailing need?

How much does JB’s Fuel Dock need?

How much do the 400 boats in the Marina need?

How much do the existing residents and businesses need? 

Have events at the NOYC increased? Is more parking needed for the NOYC? 

What parking ratio requirements will be used? Jefferson Parish and approximately three times the requirement that New Orleans has. 

2. How many days will the Marina be closed due to flooding? 

Last year and the year before it was about 20 days each year.

How does that effect living in the marina and having a business in the marina?

3. How high is the building going to be?

Will driving pilings cause problems for the boathouses?

There are current lawsuits pending. 

4. Police protection – when New Orleans is down 500 officers is it possible to add a location requiring more officers?

5. Will the parking lot become an after hours party and car burnout site?

Levee District reports numerous calls coming after restaurants & bars on Lakeshore close and party moves to parking lots. 

Those residents are on the other side of the levee. 

6. Will the new facility turn the park into part of the Lakefront?

This past Sunday, the lakefront was closed at 3:30pm and cars were bringing their parties to West End.

What is the cost for trash pickup with the larger crowds resulting? 

7. Will Crime increase?  

Thieves hit seven blocks in Lakeview, break into city councilman’s vehicle (

8. Will the venture fail as did Uptown Village and The Lazy Jack at Lakefront airport? 

9. I think applying for some of the $10million per year as working with Coastal restoration non-profits makes more sense.

Also, an exhibit on marshes like Bucktown.

Something like Bucktown at their shoreline makes sense. 

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