Revising ACT 209 of 1906

ACT 209 of 1906 restricts use of West End Lake Shore Park to a “Public Park or Amusement Park.” Elected officials are considering changing the ACT to allow development of Retail and Housing per the CEA of 2021 passed by the New Orleans City and Jefferson Parish Councils.

Revising ACT 209 of 1906

The May 2021 CEA negotiated between Joseph Giarrusso of New Orleans and Jennifer van Vranken of Jefferson Parish called for “Retail and Housing” in West End Lake Shore Park. The CEA states that state law must be complied with. The was brought to the attention of the Governor’s office. After two weeks of review time, the Governor’s office responded to the Question: “Section XX of the CEA and any RFPs or RFQs need to state that compliance of ACT 209 of 1906 is required. Yes or No?”

Response: “This is unnecessary. It goes without saying that the State, City, and Parish have to follow the law. It’s important to note that this statute is subject to revision by the legislature, and the property could be re-dedicated for another purpose, if the legislature so chooses.”

After 17 years how was ACT 209, not addressed in the CEA?

Council Members Joseph Giarrusso and Jennifer van Vranken did not respond to questions about ACT 209 of 1906. The Governor’s Office and Representative Hilferty have responded that ACT 209 of 1906 prohibits the uses of West End Lake Shore Park that Giarrusso and van Vranken have passed into New Orleans and Jefferson Parish calling for Retail and Housing in West End Lake Shore Park.

It should not be revised. It has been successful for over 115 years. The first revision could be for 4.3 acres with following revisions taking more of the West End Lake Shore Park for mixed-use development.

Converting the 4.3 acres of the parking area of the park to Retail and Housing will probably mean coming back later to convert more of the park to parking for the Retail and Housing or in 10 years adding more Retail and Housing. It is a mistake to open the door to reducing the size of West End Lake Shore Park.