25 Heritage Oak Trees

Unless elected officials and the appointed MYHMC Board elect to remove 25 Heritage Oak Trees, the allowable buildable area is only 1.8 acres for a project of at least 4 restaurants, retail, housing, and parking.

Removing 10 Heritage Oak Trees produces a 2.9 acre site. Saving all Heritage trees reduces the buildable to 1.8 acres.
1.3 acres with 10 Heritage Oaks are in Jefferson Parish.
Orginal site was 7.3 acres for Restaurants and parking. However the available parking was insufficient and the restauranteurs wanted to expand parking into more of West End Lake Shore Park.
1996 Letter requesting to build a 113 car parking lot in West End Lake Shore Park east of West Roadway as the current parking lot was not meeting needs. Current elected officials refuse to show how their math works for putting such a large development into 1.8 acres.

Putting a 7.3 Acre Peg in a 1.8 Acre Hole

The previous development of Jefferson Parish restaurants and New Orleans parking required 7.3 acres. Now politicians and the newly appointed MYHMC want to put those restaurants plus retail and housing in 1.8 allowable buildable acres.

Repeat of the New Orleans Airport Disaster

Clearly New Orleans needed a new airport terminal. However the politicians made it hard to impossible for the public to comment on the four options.

Former Mayor Mitch Landrieu told the New Orleans City Councill the terminal could be moved from the South Side to the North Side for $600 million. He left out $300 million for an access road. He left out the newly built $400 million rental car facility on the south side. He left out the impact to 5,000 low -income residents when the access road divided their neighborhood. He left out the $500 million for a people mover to the the southside for the future Amtrack connection. He left out the $200 million for needed parking. He left out the environmental impact of pouring concrete on 32-acres. He left out the soil settlement problems from building swamp land. And the New Orleans City Council Transportation Committee refused to have agendas that allowed for public input.

The RPC, New Orleans Government Affairs Committee, and Jefferson Parish Council should allow for the impacted residents and environment groups to make a presentation as to the harm this development will cause.