Damaged Since 2005 by Hurricane Katrina, Still not Repaired.

Jefferson Parish Council has been requested to classify its 1.3 acres in West End Lakeshore Park as a new park in Jefferson Parish and to budget care of the Heritage Oak Trees, sidewalk, and seawall in its Park and Recreation Budget.

Media Coverage by The Hayride

Thanks to The Hayride for publishing articles on the status of West End Lakeshore Park. The articles can be found via this link.

Jefferson Parish land from Revenue Positive to Budget Expense

For decades Jefferson Parish had a large revenue source with the restaurants over water and access via a 500′ long strip of land ranging from 50′ to 100′ wide. With the restaurants gone that land is now a park and needs to be in the Park and Rec Budget.

New Park in Metairie, on Metairie Road, named “Bayou Park.” Less than 2 acres in size. Jefferson Parish needs to accept responsibility for its land in West End Lakeshore Park and repair the seawall, repair the sidewall, and care for the 15 Heritage Oaks on its land.

Jefferson Parish Attorney writes: “Meaning we take care of it.”

Jefferson Parish Attorney writes: “Meaning we take care of it.”

Cynthia Lee Shang writes: “…there will likely be additional parking at West End….”