The Hayride has been Covering since May 2022, the effort to inform on the ridiculousness of 17-years of trying to develop 1.8-acres of West End Lake Shore Park versus applying for readily available Environmental Grants to use it to protect wildlife and provide a calm place for residents.

More media is beginning to understand and report the cons of development and re-zoning of park land that elected officials are pushing.

Rob Masson of Fox 8 Live is showing both sides of the issue. Link to video

A Parking Lot and Seawall

Since 2005 and Hurricane Katrina the West End Parking Lot and Seawall have needed repairs.

Questions for Elected and Appointed Officials

Many questions on re-zoning and developing the park go unanswered by the Politicians. To start: 1. The site is only 1.8-acres if the Heritage Trees are saved. Will more of the park be needed to be re-zoned? 2. Are you going to give longer term leases to the Retif Park site as opposed to those restaurants that already live and operate just outside the park? 3. Where are the additional police going to come from? 4. Is there enough water pressure? 5. What about the Pelican Pod habitat? 6. Why increase the allowable building height to 65′ and four floors, if housing is not part of the project? 7. Can the government build condominiums for sale and compete with the existing real estate market? 8. There have been empty retail and housing in West End for years, why build more?