There is a National Effort to Retain Open Space

New Orleans Master Plan calls for Retaining Open Space.

Senator Cassidy has announced there is $10 million a year for 5 years available for Environmental efforts on Lake Pontchartrain. This is a better solution that risking a development that could become blight with a major storm or simply not working out financially. By pursuing changing laws and zoning valuable time and other opportunities have been lost.

Chapter 7 of NOLA Master Plan

Requires the City to retain open space – especially open space along the river and lake. The Master Plan is not being followed regarding West End Lake Shore Park.

Rezoning the Park to Mixed-Use

More research needs to be done. However it appears that Susan Guidry re-zoned the Park as Mixed-Use around 2015. This procedure requires 75% written approval by the neighbors and that does not appear to have happened.