2017 Feasibility Report

The 2017 Report concluded the Marina area is saturated with Restaurants, has a parking shortage, and 29 Heritage Oak Trees. The Oak Trees reduce the buildable area to 1.9 acres. The study did not evaluate if there is sufficient water supply to the area. Residents advise of low water supply.

Parking Concerns

The 2017 Study did not include needing parking for people who visit the area to fish, watch sunsets, use the marina, or walk the shoreline.

Noise Concerns

The 2017 Study did not include any loss of Quality of Life to residents due to heavy bass sound from outdoors bands, car stereos, and boats.

Housing Concerns

The 2017 Study did not address New Orleans Affordable Housing storage and where the proposed employees of any “Entertainment District” will live.

in 2021, the City Council passed an ordinance to reduce the number of parking spaces required for large developments if Affordable Housing is included in the project.