2019 Feasibility Study

The 2019 Study for a Pedestrian Bridge does not acknowledge the 25 Heritage Oaks in West End Lake Shore Park, plus the Pelicans and the nearby wetlands to West End Lake Shore Park.

December 13, 2022 RPC meeting. Jefferson Parish Council Member Jennifer van Vranken calls for Retail, Bars, and Housing in West End Lake Shore Park. ACT 209 of 1906 restricts use of the Park to that of a “Public Park or Amusement Park.”

Link to Council Member van Vranken’s comments to the RPC.

Condominiums or Affordable Housing

The CEA signed by Jefferson Parish, New Orleans, and the State of Louisiana calls for housing in West End Lake Shore Park. Can anyone name a park that received Federal Government funding to build commercial restaurants and condominiums? Wouldn’t Government owned land require a portion of affordable housing?

Surplus of Restaurants at West End

Since 2017, the Fitzgerald’s site has been available for development. However the new building codes require 17′ elevation to the first floor. This could lead to $35.00 hamburgers. Elected Officials have not shared any of their math and research to allow citizens to review the math and feasibility.