Videos of Media Interviews and Council Meetings

The purpose of this website is Transparency and Accountability of the development of West End Lake Shore Park. Please watch the videos we have complied since 2019 and determine for yourself if you approve of re-zoning and developing West End Lake Shore Park.

Housing Contract for West End Lake Shore Park

The 2021 CEA calls for Retail, Bars, and Housing. Elected officials over the years have mentioned these features in during meetings and to the press. Should they change their minds they would have to modify the CEA.

The 2021 CEA was renewed for 2 years in May 2022.

New Orleans Troubled History with Federal Housing Grants

New Orleans has been accepting large federal grants for developing housing and mixed-use developments. The history of New Orleans government has been troubled with these projects: Gordon Plaza, The Poland Ave Navy Yard, The American Can Project, and on the West Bank.

New Orleans receives failing grade for affordable housing for third year in a row

Federal Report accuses New Orleans of failing to properly manage affordable housing funds

Gordon Plaza City fund for Gordon Plaza residents moving costs effectively quashed amid legal concerns

Poland Ave Navy Yard

Exclusive: City diverted $40M away from old Navy base

The Landrieu Administration diverted at least $40 million in federal grants from the Navy base redevelopment to other projects.

American Can Housing Lawsuit alleges deteriorating living conditions at American Can apartments; owners cite improvements